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I can't pledge a subscription right now, because well.. we're recovering. Nothing onerous simply car payment and remodel. Plus, I don't make the big buck from my writing like you do. ;) I do programming, and poetry as a passion. If I could afford it right now, I would. Your work is great and I look forward to more... I have read some of your work on Medium, and we have made small comments to each other on a few. I was curious if you would be open to some slight mentoring. If you saw someone had a bit of potential. This wouldn't be onerous either. But more just passing on a few tips and tricks regarding publishing on Medium. I've been writing for 25+ years, probably more, but I'm a fledgling duck in these waters. Trying to swim and making mistakes. Not seeking anything grand, as like I said it's a devoted passion not profession. But I would love to find homes for my work. I think its special, not sure others will yet. If you want to find me this phrase may ring a bell. "Purpled or Purpling Tornado". Good work and eager to dive into more of it. Also give you some small change when I am able.

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I’m not looking for payment. I’m here because I love words and discussing them. If you have any personal questions, feel free to drop them in Substack chat. If it’s more general I’d love to incorporate it in the content.

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You'll get some from me at some point. I gave a Ko-fi to another writer this month and spent my allowance already. I'm the same. The main reason I am migrating from Deviant Art to Medium. With hopes at least. DA changed their format and the Literature community died off not long after. I love poetry composing, reading, and discussing. The community there does not have it anymore. I got a few Daily Deviations in my time there, their version of Medium boost. I got 412k "views", and about 20 comments on the last one. Noone wanted to chat though. Which was a real bummer. I've been skeptical of publishing myself as this like I said not my profession. I've got a High School English class under my belt and some a few poetry group sessions. My last one was local, near our rural town, and out of all the participants, minus the community college professor, I was the only one with a driver's license. ha ha. And turned out some of my poetry made them cry so I kindly left. It was still a fun experience to see their youthful exuberance though. Anyway, about that mentor question. I hadn't quite dipped into your vlogs yet. You do enough in your vlogs and your comments. Looking forward to reading and hearing more from you.

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